Family Outdoor Club Passport

Family Outdoor Club Passport

Register for the Family Outdoor Club at Fountain Creek or Bear Creek Nature Centers and get your Outdoor Activity Passport to your El Paso County Parks, free bumper sticker, Nature Bucks to spend on programs at the nature centers, and t-shirts for the kids.  The park program promotes outdoor activities for kids and their families.  The long-lasting benefits of playing outdoors are strengthened, healthier, and happier families who understand and care about their environment.

Recent studies show that outdoor play has decreased by 75% since 1900 and that children spend an average of 6 hours a day connected to something electronic.  Author Richard Louv says, “The woods were my Ritalin.  Nature calmed me, focused me, and yet excited my senses.”

We often need encouragement from our friends to get us outside with the children to have fun exploring new or familiar outdoor spaces.  “Our nature centers do a great job of inspiring people to re-connect with nature, but we can’t do it all,” says Todd Marts, Recreation and Cultural Services Manager.  Now families can encourage each other with a little help from the Outdoor Activity Passport.  
Spread the word by proudly displaying the cling sticker in your car window.  We can make this movement MOVE across El Paso County.  Register today and get out!

Location:  Fountain Creek Nature Center, 320 Pepper Grass Lane, Fountian, CO  80817
Contact:    719-520-6745

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